About Us and FAQ

About MerchTown

MT is an on demand print and delivery service allowing companies and individuals to brand their own quality merch. We totally reduce the big up front costs associated with traditional merchandising suppliers as we don't require any minimum orders. 

How it works: 

Simply select anyt piece of merch on the site. Click customise and begin start branding quality merch for your company, club, clients, golf day or friends. 

Sustainable sourcing 

MT reduces serious waste in allowing your company or club to only print items that you need and when you need them - like event days, corporate days, golf days etc. Our stuff is also quality so clients or poeple who order use their branded items! 

Turnaround times

Production takes 2-5 days and delivery an additional 2 days anywhere in the UK. Total turnaround time is between 7-10 days from order. 

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